Killington Strippers Roster

VIP Entertainment Inc’s Killington roster

Vanessa and Nicole Killington strippers

Mila and Nicole, Killington strippers

Vanessa and Mona sexy Killington strippers

Killington stripper Audrey

Kat Killington stripper
Dee and Kat

Compare our Killington stripper roster to any other agency that covers Vermont. No one has this good of a lineup anywhere in New England.
Vanessa and Nicole Killington strippers

We post pics of our actual strippers, no one else is doing that. I see iStock photos on sites, porn star pics, anonymous party or nightclub photos.

Vanessa selfie

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. Based in New Hampshire, we dominate Killington’s party scene. Don’t pay an extra $175 to book a Boston agency for Killington. It’s not my fault, I’m way closer to Killington, so the travel cost is much less.


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