Killington strippers tonight

We are in Killington tonight with 2 duos of strippers

Nicole, in Killington tonight
I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. This site has been up 10 years. My first site was up late 1995. Booking with me is booking with the best agency in New England. I don’t use a fake name on the phone. My name is Meni Troupakis, I’m the President of VIP Entertainment Inc.  Check out the Google Post this morning

If you need strippers tonight, tomorrow, any night in Killington call me 802-342-4295

Check out the review from last evening, a party in Killington
Killington strippers review
That party was last night, March 1, 2019. No other company updates it’s sites and social media like we do.
Have you check out our Killington party strippers twitter account?

Nicole, blonde stripper selfie at strip club
I don’t think this blog post will make it to 500 words. I’ve had a large coffee from Dunkins. I’m talking to my driver JP who drove that show in the review, you see JP is mentioned in the review. When you book your party with us, our drivers are great, they get mentioned in reviews. Tony was mentioned in a review from a NH party last weekend.
Killington strippers party review mentioning the driver

Our drivers blend in at the party, make change, joke around, play the music. They do not stare at a girlfriend all night like the other agencies. Our dancers and drivers are not allowed to fraternize. I let go a dancer 3 months ago because she demanded to work with a driver she was involved with. They are both gone. They work for another agency, good luck having that dancer at your show, with her boyfriend being the security. Where’s the fantasy in buying a lap dance while the stripper’s boyfriend is staring at you? We don’t have that here.
I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I didn’t just start my agency a year ago, after driving for a Boston stripper agency, then stealing the work plan and starting a competing agency. I can say not one of my drivers, over the past 20 years started an agency. While most of the other companies were formed by drivers.
I started this agency after meeting a stripper who was doing amateur night in Billerica, MA. Here stage name was Amber. She was blonde. I spoke to her at the bar, she asked me to be her bouncer. I don’t know which agency she worked for.

My first party was near Hudson, NH. In a barn. I wasn’t nervous, until Amber said, “You should have parked the car, facing away, towards the street, in case we have to leave quickly.”
It was June, she asked me if I had a jacket, I didn’t it was 70 degrees in the evening. She said, “You have to make it look like you carry a gun”. Oh boy. The party went great, this was before cell phones with cameras. Back then we had to watch for actual cameras lol. Ok well I am hitting 500 words on this post, I like typing. I took typing in high school.
I’ve been on computers since I was a kid, Compuserve first. If you see our email address you know I started this company earlier, strippers at comcast dot net.