VIP Strippers Killington VT

Nicole is back

Nicole our blonde bombshell stripper is back

The most requested Killington stripper of 2017 is back, dancing again, exclusively for VIP Entertainment Inc.

Nicole is back, she worked Friday night at a party in Killington. She also passed by Killington to go to Lake George NY on Saturday. She took pics with Vanessa.
Can you find a hotter duo in Killington ? No. I’m confident I have the best roster in New England. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. Always pride myself on showing the actual girls on my sites. Never posting fake pics. I can point out fake pics on competitor sites. I guess some customers don’t care. The Boston agency has pornstars from 2002 on his dancer page. People still call him for a quote. Problem is, they don’t show up sometimes. I get the frantic call late from customers every so often who made the mistake of booking with that wrong agency, who doesn’t show up. Keep in mind if you are in Vermont, say Killington, or Stowe, that’s a long way for a Boston agency to travel. Don’t you think he should have parties in Boston to cover?
Enough with my typing you probably want to see pictures of our strippers
Nicole and Vanessa in the car
The ladies on their way to the party in Lake George.
As I type that out I wonder, do any agencies post pics like this? This party happened 2 days ago. Some agents don’t update their sites for years.
Nicole and Vanessa
Nicole and Vanessa
Vanessa and Nicole
Since the pictures were taken with Vanessa’s phone, she’s in the front. She also took a couple of solo pics, here you go, enjoy.
I’m pretty sure she snapchatted those pics to followers. Speaking of followers, we are on Instagram
Call 802-342-4295 to book your party with VIP Entertainment Inc. I will answer the phone, Meni Troupakis. Not some anonymous voice, with a fake name. Who owns those other companies? Do they post their full names?