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Looking to hire strippers for a party in Killington? We can help you, VIP Entertainment Inc., booking strippers since 1992. We have strippers for parties in Killington, Vermont.
Killington strippers Jenna, Alex and Iris
Call 802-342-4295 to hire strippers for your party in Killington. You will speak to me, my name is Meni Troupakis and I’m President of the corp. When hiring strippers for your party, you should pay attention to the web site. Does it have 1 photo of each girl. Do the photos look ‘polished’? Do they all look like 10s? 12 to 20 of them on a dancer page? They are fake. Those girls are not dancers for parties in Killington.
How to spot real strippers? Multiple pictures of each girl, pictures of the girls together.

You are here because you are in charge booking entertainment for the party in Killington. You have to hire strippers for a party in Killington. This is Killington strippers. Call 802-342-4295

Speaking of hiring strippers, we’ll have strippers in Killington this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday. So if you are in the area this weekend and are having a party, give us a call.
I will figure out the best plan for your party. From the time the party should start, you must consider, any late arrivals of guests, dinner plans, if you want to hit Killington bars, before or after the party? The bars in Killington close at 2 am. And yes Uber is in Killington.
Today is March 1, let’s kick butt this month. Before you know it, spring will be here. Plan your ski vacation, and let us handle the entertainment. Thanks! Meni