New pics of Killington stripper Mila

Our smokeshow stripper took some pics last week. She is a gorgeous model, who happens to also dance for my agency. Call 802-342-4295 to book the best strippers in Killington.


We’ve been booking Killington strippers since the 90s. The first Killington striper domain, you will see .net you will see words added to Killington. We are the original Killington Strippers. (Update I acquired the .net and it forwards to this stie)

You can team Mila up with Aria, or Ava, or Krystal, or Jenna, she is cool with all the girls.  Call 802-342-4295 to book the best strippers in Killington.

Mila has her own biz card, she gave it to our customer last Saturday, and an hour after she left the show, he called, thinking the phone number was hers. lol. That’s my 800 and cell number on all cards.

Here are some Killington reviews from the past

Killington Strippers: It was great. The girls (Alexis and Kiley) were a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. Thanks for your help.

Killington Strippers: The guys had a great time at the bachelor party. Alexis and Joey knew how to keep the party going, they were fun and absolutely gorgeous, even better than their pictures. The show was the highlight of our weekend