New pics of our Killington strippers

New pictures of our Killington strippers Ava, Nicole and Riley from last evening

Booked a Killington party last evening. Booked Ava, Nicole, and Riley. Three smokeshows. The customer mentioned to my driver that he wants girls again tonight. Woohooo. Ok here are the pics the girls took before performing last evening.
Killington stripper Riley
Killington strippers
Killington strippers Nicole and Ava

The only agency, updating it’s sites daily. I’ve been a webmaster since 1995. I started the agency in 1992. I blog about my Killington strippers, I post new pics as the girls send them to me. I will post more pics tomorrow or Monday. I told all the girls working, content it king, take pics. ┬áThis party requested Mila, Nicole, and Ava. Mila took the night off, I told the customer, I let him know the 3rd dancer will be a smoke show and you will be pleasantly surprised. And he was. Riley is a knock out.

Call 802-342-4295 to book the best strippers in Killington. I already know next Saturday night, Ava and Nicole are doing a party in Killington. So the girls should be available after 11 pm to do more show in Killington.

Killington strippers Nicole

I figure I would post their head shots. Since the pics from last evening are body, and I make all the images 300 pixels wide, so the body pics are kinda of small.

The weather in Killington will cool down tonight. Back to freezing temperatures. 60 degrees as I type this now, it will drop down to a low of 23. Should see some snow around 10 pm, for a couple of hours. The coming week looks like highs in the 40s. With some rain mid week.

Hopefully Killington will get some more snow, and stay open into April. We love booking Killington parties. Well time for me to start sending out the schedules for tonight. We are hitting West Dover, Stratton, and probably Killington again.  Call 802-342-4295 or fill out this form for a quote