South Ridge Quad update

The folks from Killington gives us a South Ridge Quad update

According to Jeff Temple, director of mountain operations for Killington and Pico, fans of the old South Ridge Triple, which was removed in 2011, won’t have to wait too much longer to see lift access to the popular area restored. The new South Ridge Quad is one of three projects on the capital improvements list still awaiting completion. The other two are the storage barn for the Snowdon Six Express bubble chairs and the relocation of the old Snowdon Poma surface lift to the Swirl trail on Ramshead.

“We had hoped to have all of these projects completed ahead of the Christmas holiday period, but that’s the nature of construction in Killington’s mountain environment; sometimes things just take longer than planned,” Temple said.

One factor that contributed significantly to the longer than expected completion time was the unusually heavy November snowfall in Killington. Fifty-six inches of snow blanketed the resort in November, nearly double the November average for the area and the highest November total since 1968. Killington skiers and snowboarders greatly appreciated the generous early season snowfall, but it created headaches for construction workers, who found even the simplest tasks taking longer with the job site buried in snow. Even transportation to and from work sites slowed down, as crews were forced to use snowmobiles, grooming tractors and other tracked vehicles to transport personnel and materials.

Temple says that both the Poma lift on Swirl and the Snowdon Six barn are nearing completion, and should be wrapped up in the next few weeks. Up on Swirl, the crew recently installed and spliced the haul rope. Meanwhile, at the bottom of Snowdon, the barn building is watertight and crews are working on the rails and elevators that will move the bubble chairs from the lift terminal into the barn for storage away from the elements overnight. Read More