Don’t be this guy

Customer makes the wrong choice

second thought
Don’t be this guy, he emailed asking for a quote for a party last night. He never supplied a phone number to expedite the process of booking strippers for his party. So we emailed back and forth, finally he says, Lets do it. I ask for the address and contact phone number, and he replies with “Sorry change of mind. I think we’re good.”

Ok I’ve been booking strippers a long time. When this happens, the guys probably got a quote from another company, cheaper, and decided to book them. Ok well, you get what you pay for, and it seems like he didn’t get anything. Booking with a cheap agency that isn’t showing up, isn’t a good idea. As you can see 3 hours later, he emails asking if we can still make it to him. No.

You will not get a better deal. I actually book my parties cheaper based on the quality. Mila and Nicole to Killington area for $300 plus tips? Say another agency said $225 plus tips, for 3 girls. Doesn’t that set off your bullshit detector? You might say, I don’t believe Mila and Nicole are showing up. Ok well if I tell you they are coming, they are coming.

Call 802-342-4295 and book the hottest girls you can find for Killington parties, thru VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking dancers since 1992. I had my first website up in 1995. Most of the strippers back then didn’t even know what the internet was. I told my yellow pages sales rep, his days were numbered. I was right.

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