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Mid February video

Video from mid February 2023 for our Killington parties

We do a lot of Killington parties

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I’m from Manchester, NH. We cover up to 4 hours from Manchester, all parties, so Vermont is covered. We can’t travel 7 hours to the northern tip of Maine however. Killington is just under 2 hours from me. We have locked down the schedule. If you book 8 pm, we leave 5:30 pm, allows for any stopping. It also means we are never late. This is not common for most stripper agencies. I’ve heard from customers, and drivers and dancers from other places, up to 3 hours late for some of their shows.

Also what makes us, different and the best, is updated real pictures and video. You see on this blog post, videos from the past 5 days. We had a lot of parties in Killington. Here’s a short review from one of the two Friday parties. We lucked out, the parties were 1.2 miles apart. The girls (Mila, Iris, and Riley) did awesome.

We locked in more lifetime customers. A group from the Boston area had Mila, Iris, and Riley in Killington. They usually get a Boston agency. They won’t be calling them anymore after we did their Killington party.

Here’s a pic of the girls. The videos from that evening are above.

Killington ski season, will it be shortened?

We’ve had quite a warm winter this year. Here is the 6 am update this morning (It’s February 19, 2023 today)

What a great start to the long weekend, Beast fans! Yesterday was a little brisk, but it feels good to have some normal Vermont February weather. Snowmaking has resumed back on Superstar and Outer Limits and since they’ve been running for almost two days now, they are skiing amazing. Today, we plan on continuing to make snow on Superstar, but we are off Outer Limits and over to Skyelark so get ready for some fresh manmade snow and fun laps under the guns there today. We are excited for cold weather and look forward to some fun times over the next week!

Ski conditions today will be quite firm and most natural trails and terrain will still be closed. Plan on enjoying laps on groomed trails such as Rime and Great Northern but feel free to take a look at the Lifts and Trails Report to get the inside scoop on groomed terrain. Make sure to take it easy out there as snow will be very fast around the mountain. Be safe and have fun Beast Fans!

We regret to inform you that all tubing park operations have been suspended indefinitely and at this time we do not plan on reopening this winter. This decision was not made lightly and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are currently in the process of refunding all pre-purchased tickets.

Hopefully they can add to the base in the coming days, I see Thursday snow forecasted for New England.

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