Killington Bike Park Lifts and Trails

(Source): With two dedicated lifts, re-designed and expanded beginner and intermediate trails built along with industry leading designers Gravity Logic, and challenging downhill trails with natural and man-made features, Killington is the place to ride this summer.

Killington’s Mountain Bike Park including the Snowshed Express Quad and K-1 Express Gondola opens on June 26, 2015. Check out our summer operating schedule for all the details.

Lift & Trail Access Rate Additional Information
2 Lift Rides and Trail $30 Access for approximately 2 hours
Half-day Lift and Trail $34 Valid 1:00-4:30 p.m.
1 Full-day Lift and Trail $49
1 Full-day Trail Only $10
2 Full-day Lift and Trail $79
3 Full-day Lift and Trail $109
Season Pass $149 Price valid through June 15, 2015
All mountain bike ticket sales are subject to 7% applicable state and local taxes.
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