VIP Strippers Killington VT

Killington Jingle Jam

The Killington Parks Crew went all in for a little holiday cheer with the first Killington Jingle Jam. Check out the lucky winners below!

Grom Skiing
1. Max Tarricone
2. Scottie Candee
3. Connor Green

Grom Snowboarding
1. Jack Kohan

Women’s Skiing
1. Miranda Holson
2. Callie Bredice

Men’s Skiing
1. Kevin Merchant
2. Brecken Durke
3. Devin Beayon

Women’s Snowboarding
1. Maggie Leon
2. Jamie Trayer

Men’s Snowboarding
1. Tim Major
2. Dave Parnell
3. Bobby VanHouten

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