MLK weekend party review Killington

Rare Sunday night party in Killington

Booked Mila, Ava, and new dancer Stephanie for a party in Killington last night. The MLK holiday today, meant parties last night, lots of people with the day off.
Killington strippers review
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Killington strippers
VIP Strippers has been booking Killington strippers since 1992. Adding new gorgeous strippers the past couple of weeks. Models know models. Our stripper do model.
A note for Ava fans, her snapchat got shutdown yet again. So not more following Miss.Teasse1, that’s all over.
If you are heading up to Killington, and you plan on having a party that requires strippers. Keep in mind, we show you the actual girls. Our strippers are featured in our videos. Be careful talking to companies with headless images send via text message. One image of a headless girl isn’t a good clue to who is actually going to show up. The bait and switch has been alive a long time. It’s called catfishing now. That about dating but it applies to the party business. Showing fake pics, enticing a customer to book those fake girls, then showing up with someone else, and you are stuck paying for the show. By the time the strippers show up, are not who you wanted, not who you like. You probably are a bit buzzed, and accept the rip off deal. Better than no show right ? Too bad the next day, your friends will not speak very highly of your decision.
Our strippers are so good, a NYC FD is booking our strippers for a party in NYC. Considering its NYC, you would think they have 100000s of strippers available. Yet they booked with VIP. We do parties for these guys every winter in Hunter, NY. So they know the quality. Call 802-342-4295 to book.