VIP Strippers Killington VT

New pics of Mona, Killington stripper

Yesterday it was beautiful out. Temps in the 80s, sunshine, not bad for fall right? Mona took a 3 pics for me. She’s sporting the VIP Strippers hat. Which is our primary site.
Mona, Killington stripper
Mona Killington stripper
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As we head into fall, winter is coming. Plan your Killington party with VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We dominate the Killington area. We have the best lineup in New England. I’m a huge football fan, so when I quote a show from a Philly caller, I’ll drop “Fly Eagles Fly” and “Trust the Process” lol. If caller is from NY/NJ. I asked Jets or Giants. One fan base is our bitches, the other, have 2 Super Bowl victories over us (Patriots). Well this year Jets are 1-2 and Giants are 0-3. Yes the Patriots are 2-1, the best offense in the NFL, and the worst defense.

Mona likes working with Nicole. Nicole is the number 1 requested stripper in New England. 80% of the callers request her. I think I’ll have to start charging a premium for her. It’s supply and demand. One Nicole but 3 parties want her the same evening. Meanwhile, all my other girls are hot and fun, and bring in the same glowing reviews are Nicole’s shows. Doesn’t matter if its Dee and Vanessa or Lana alone. The reviews all are 5 star. You are booking with a stripper agency that doesn’t bait and switch. I’m the only agent using my real name, Meni. If you call around I bet you will hear the name Anthony from at least 2 companies if not 3. I nice generic name in New England. Well when that agency doesn’t show up, who are you going to berate? A fake Anthony?

Call 802-342-4295 we are VIP Entertainment Inc., booking strippers since 1992, we cover all of New England, we dominate the Killington Vermont party market.