VIP Strippers Killington VT

New pics of Mona

Sexy Killington Stripper Mona

Killington is open!, Winter is here. Mona took a few pics yesterday. We book strippers for Killington. VIP Entertainment Inc., has been booking strippers since 1992.
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Mona, Killington stripper
Mona, Killington stripper
Mona, Killington stripper
Mona, Killington stripper
I think you agree Mona is a smoke show, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, from urban dictionary
smoke show
A word used to describe a seriously hot girl (must not be overused and abused on mediocre hot woman!)
“Man that girl is a fucking smoke show!”
Sometimes I will type it out as smokeshow. Not sure what the correct way to write it is.

Planning your trip to Killington

I’m sure many of you are checking out houses to rent for your visit to Killington. Some of the roads we visited last February in Killington.
We had a party on Weathervane Drive. We send hot strippers to W. Park Road. Of course, we had a kick ass party at Wobbly Lane. Repeat customer enjoying our strippers on Trailview Drive. 2 sexy strippers danced at a party on East Mountain Road. Ended the month with a party on Roaring Brook Road.
Killington has a lot of gorgeous large homes for rent. We also do lots parties at condos. Here’s a link
Killington is the beast of the east. A prime winter party destination. I love booking parties for New York sports fans. Jets or Giants? Yankees or Mets? We can rag on Jets fans, the Giants fans have those two fluke Super Bowl victories hangover over our heads. Yes, I’m a Patriots fan. This is New England right?
Thinking of having strippers over for a party in Killington? Call 802-342-4295 and speak to me, Meni. I’ll give you a price quote, link for more pictures, and discuss your best options.