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It’s Black Friday, sales, sales, sales. Time to also think about booking your lodging in Killington. If you are reading this blog, you probably will be booking our strippers for a party while you are in Killington. Great. Call 802-342-4295 speak to me, Meni, I’m the owner. I just noticed the Killingtonstrippersdotnet was available. Another agency registered that a little while after I registered this domain. I guess he’s out of business or just let the domain go? I noticed a Boston stripper agency that had been in business over 20 years, is not closed. We are still going strong. Our dancers are hot, the are real, we get re-bookings all the time. Put out a great product and you stand above the competition.
Here’s a Friday Flash Back, my Killington stripper youtube video I did in 2009

Yup I still have the phone number 800 I GOT VIP is 800-446-8847
The girl in the video was Brianna, our brunette smokeshow with leopard tattoo on her back. I would tell customers at parties, to call it cheetah tattoo, to piss her off. She was cool about it.

I hope she’s doing well, we aren’t in contact anymore. She stopped dancing maybe 4 years ago?

How would you like Vanessa and Mona at your party?
Killington strippers Mona and Vanessa
The girls are most requested duo at the moment. The hottest Killington strippers come from VIP Entertainment Inc.

Mona, Killington stripper
Toss in our 18 year old smokeshow Kat. Yes those are real D cup boobs. maybe DD sometimes.

I hope her short hair doesn’t discourage you. She’s gorgeous, fun, and sexy as hell. Mona loves working with her. She isn’t some jaded older stripper with 10 years in the business. She’s 18 and born to perform.
Call 802-342-4295 to book the best strippers in Killington. Trust the agency with a real person on the phone when you call.