Saturday Night Strippers

Killington Strippers tonight

Pre-booked, Ava, Mila & new dancer Kayla for tonight in Killington, Vermont. So while the girls are in town, they should be able to squeeze a last call party, so around 1 or 2 am show in Killington.
Ava & Mila are the top duo in Killington. The girls are real, here’s video of them.

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The latest update from Killington

Killington conditions today…
Saturday, January 14, 2017
8:48 am 01/14/17–Hello skiers and riders, and hello winter! After a couple midweek days of unseasonably warm weather, the mercury is headed back to where it belongs in mid-January; single digits-low teens. That’s good news for Killington snowmakers, back in action for a quick round of resurfacing on signature trails like Superstar, Outer Limits and Skyeburst. Throughout the weekend, we’ll also be firing spot guns in high traffic areas, like Great Northern and Mouse Trap.

With the long weekend ahead, Killington groomers pulled out all the stops, hitting 76 of The Beast’s open trails. Virtually all easier terrain is groomed, and so are many intermediate and expert trails. Two signature trails that notably escaped the groomer’s attention overnight are Superstar and Outer limits, both excellent destinations for skiing and riding under the snowguns today.

The Stash is set to open for the season today, boosting Killington’s count to over 100 features spread through 6 parks. NeffLand Terrain Park, on Lower Timberline has 23 outer-space themed features. Mouse Run and Timberline Parks have 22 feature each. Groms and those new to park riding should head for our progression parks, Easy Street and the Lil’ Stash, both on Ramshead.

Speaking of groms, Minishred Madness takes place Saturday in the Easy Street Progression Park. Open to kids 13 and under, Minishred is all about having fun in a competition setting.

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