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Unlike most strippers agencies, I don’t hide my identity. My name is Meni Troupakis, I am the CEO of VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. First party was co-booked with Paradise Entertainment out of the Quincy area. Booked 5 strippers for my buddy Tim’s bachelor party. Tim ended up with a black eye. Luckily, the party was a week before the wedding, plenty of time for Tim to heal up. Back then, I had a pager. Yup, ran the stripper agency with a beeper. I got a business line put into the back of my pizza place, then got the 800 number, that has been with me forever, 800-446-8847.  Back then I figure it spelled 800 4 Hot VIP, then later realized also spelled, 800 I GOT VIP. Now with cell phones, 800 numbers are not as important. Do you want to see some of our strippers from the 90s? Here we go.

strippers Killington

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That’s Tyler and Taylor, like 1998? maybe 1999? Las Vegas AVN Awards, I bought us a table, I flew the girls out, and 2 buddies. In the 90s, I also ran adult sites, so I was involved in the adult web business, met a bunch of great people in the biz, and I’m still in contact with a lot of them, (Thanks Facebook).

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As the 2000s arrived, VIP was still booking sexy strippers. Stripper Killington started booming. December 2003 I moved to South Florida, I didn’t move the agency, I kept booking parties in New England. I noticed in South Florida, the strip clubs were full service. Guys would get blown, sex, in the champagne rooms. I wonder who would book a private party and not expect that? I book stripeprs not hookers. I moved back to New England December 2006. Let me find some pics of my dancers from the 2000s.

strippers Killington


strippers Killington


Lacey continued dancing and became a feature dancer, an strip club pole expert.

strippers Killington


I gotta remember strippers Killington, lol.  One note, back in the day, girls didn’t mind their pics online, there was no social media. No backpage. No stripper ever had her life derailed because she was found out to be a stripper. Now a days, girls worry about friends, family, I understand family, but there are a lot worse things your daughter could be doing than dancing. No other job will yield the kind of money in such a short amount of time without crossing the line. I tell guys all the time, my dancers make so much, they never have to even think about crossing the line. Strippers Killington make bank.

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Back to the story of the agency, we move into the next decade, 2010s…., Here’s Jacy, a stripper from the Gold Club in Bedford, NH. That club is topless (suppose to wear pasties) at my parties she got naked.

strippers Killington


Let’s check out a verified gigmasters (they use to work with stripper agencies, they don’t now) review
Jen C. has submitted the following client feedback for Gig ID# 679884
Client Feedback
Hosted two sexy and talented girls (Lexi and Ryan) for my husband’s birthday bash. They gave an amazing show and were well worth their fee. We will be using VIP for all our future adult entertainment needs:-)

Customer Ratings
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire in terms of their professionalism? 4.5
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire in terms of their overall talent? 5
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how accommodating was VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire in handling special requests for your event? 4.5
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how strongly would you recommend VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire to a friend? 4.5
And finally, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate your overall satisfaction with VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire? 4.5

Here is a strippers Killington review, verified, again, from gigmasters

strippers Killington

Killington bachelor party

Speaking of 2010, here’s Joey, Christmas 2010

strippers Killington


I’m thinking of ending this post at 2010, so I can start a new post next week of this decade. I noticed some strippers Killington reviews from that era.

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Killington, VT: Yeah, everyone had a great time. The girls were a lot of fun also. Perfect for a bachelor party. (Chloe & Alexis)

Killington, VT (Boston bachelor party): Thank you VIP Strippers for a great night at Killington. Joey and Brianna were a perfect pair to get our bachelor party going. They are both hot and I actually won a bet with some of the guys because the owner delivered what he promised. Our group wanted more, so VIP was able to arrange a round 2 with Removed and Nevaeh at the last minute. Our entire group was very impressed with the entire night. I don’t see a reason to look anywhere else for entertainment in the future. Thanks again!

Killington, VT (Boston bachelor party): I have been to a few bachelor parties where strippers were hired and most of the time it is a run around. The companies won’t send pics, they won’t guarantee they will send the girls you see on their site, and they just talk around everything you say to them. Not with this company.
The owner was great to talk to and was willing to send pictures to me so we could preview what we were in for. I chose Alexis and Chloe and they were the ones that Actually showed up! They were even on time and we were up in Killington on a dirt road.
Chloe was a bit shy but a willing and great participant. Alexis owned what she did. She is stripper, hear her roar! She got us fired up both with her attitude and show. She really made the night rock and brought out the best in a crowd that started out subdued but ended up laughing, smiling, yelling, and enjoying the show. Even the driver Tom was cool…
Best of all, the price beat what other agencies offered! Great experience–I would hire them again and recommend highly.

Killington, VT: Girls were great man. liked em both. wouldn’t have known it was Removed’s first time. (Gabrielle & Removed)

Killington, VT: Everything was great. Thanks for your time. Take care. (Joey danced)

Don’t get me started on Brianna and Joey, hottest duo in history.

best butt in Killington

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