VIP Strippers Killington VT

December 1, 2018 We’ll be in Killington

Killington strippers Mila and Mona, Saturday Night

The winter season is in full swing at Killington. And here come the parties, starting off December with a party in Killington that starts around 11 pm. That means you can book Mona and Mila for an earlier show, say 8 pm start?

Ryder, stripper, Killington

It’s been a fantastic year here at VIP Entertainment Inc. The cream always rises to the top. We are the cream of the crop for strippers in New England. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I strive to book fun, energetic, attractive exotic dancers. All our girls look great. We show you the actual stripper we book on our sites.
I say we, but it’s me. Meni Troupakis I run VIP. I have 6 drivers, 12 or so exotic dancers. You can see from the images on this page and every page, my dancers are hot.

If you are looking for strippers in Killington, I’m sure you will see sites with fake pictures. Google image search the images you see on the my competitors sites. You will see girls from Maxim, girls from escort sites, Instagram models, old stripper pics, basically not the actual girls you are booking. Why do they do this? Well, the assume when you book strippers for our party, you will not cancel the show, once their dancers show up. No matter how bad they look. It’s party night, it’s late, if you kick them out, chances are slim you can get other girls to show up. If we are get there, we will. So many times, we get calls from customers who claim that Boston agency didn’t show up. I ask why did you book with them anyway, they feature pornstars from 2002 on their dancer page. Most guys just say, “I don’t know”.

Call 802-342-4295 speak to me, Meni, and I’ll book your Killington party.