Our sexy strippers in Killington tonight

Our Killington stripper schedule

Pre-booked a big party in Killington for tonight. Sending 4 of our smoke show strippers to the party. While the girls are in Killington they will be able to knock out more shows, later in the evening. Killington is in the middle of their booming ski season. The place is packed. Cold weekend. Next weekend SNOW!. We’ll be in Killington every weekend. Call 802-342-4295 to speak to me, Meni, I am the President of VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I’ve been watching that mini-series on Nat Geo, Valley of the Boom. I remember dial up with trumpet winsock, and surfing the web with Netscape Navigator in 1995. I got my first web site up last in 1995. You can trust your party with me.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been a lot of dancers come and go. Early in the business’s history, I was booking a lot of strippers out of a Massachusetts strip club. Early on, I was doing what I planned, offering the hottest dancers in New England. Most of the dancers weren’t online, they didn’t realize the potential of the internet. Compare that to the girls working now, who grew up with pornhub on their phones. More girls now enter dancing and adult films than ever before. I’m friends with Riley who has a porn agency in South Florida, everyday he gets new girls wanting to get into the business. Here in New England we are lucky that the hottest girls here, dance for my agency.
If you are looking to book strippers for Killington party, call me 802-3424295 and I’ll make sure your party is a success, your friends will talk about this party for years to come. You will also call me next year on your 2020 trip. Have a great weekend, it’s cold. Big football weekend here in New England.