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Killington party review February 17, 2019

Hello, my name is Meni Troupakis I’m the president of VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I registered this domain February 24, 2009. So almost 10 years ago. We book a lot of parties in Killington.

Last night was a party for a repeat customer. We handle this group’s parties every year in Killington.
Audrey and Nicole were the strippers. Al drove.
Here is the Killington party review
Killington party review
As you can see, we are booking the best Killington strippers.
Here’s a video Audrey sent me a couple of days ago, I uploaded it to our youtube page

Audrey and Nicole are blonde strippers. I remember a blonde feature duo called Blondage. Janine Lindemulder and Julia Ann. I saw them perform live at Marks Showplace in the 90s. The strip club is still in Portland, Maine, under, like, it’s 3rd different owner since then. Or maybe it’s the second? Anyways

How to book strippers for Killington

If you would like to book the best strippers in Killington. Call me, 802-342-4295, I will answer the phone. I don’t hide behind a fake name on the phone. I know most of the other companies owners’ use fake name when they speak to customers. Maybe it because if they drive the party, and show up with different girls, they customer won’t know the driver is the agent who catfished him. There is an epidemic of fake strippers on web sites. I have the real girls on all my sites.

I just showed Nicole the review, she is so happy. She mentioned last year the customer has Vanessa and Mona. Mona is till here, I let Vanessa go. 2 Years ago they have Ava who is now, Kenzie Reeves, porn actress. I refuse to use the term porn star unless the girl is a legend, a girl crosses over the the mainstream. That’s a star.
So it’s Monday, have a great week. If you are traveling to Killington, having a party and need strippers, Call Killington Strippers