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Our schedule of strippers for parties in Killington

As we approach the final weekend of February, 2019, spring is around the corner. Killington is rocking. Let’s check on the latest from the mountain
Looks like Philadelphia cover band The Benderz will be at the Wobbly Barn Friday and Saturday night.

If you’re in Killington and need strippers for a party, call me, 802-342-4295 if you rather fill out a form and get a quote, click here

Friday and Saturday we’ll have strippers in Killington. Nicole, Mona, Audrey, Paris, Kat, and Julz just to name a few. We have parties already booked in Killington, the girls can easily do 2 to 3 parties in an evening. I’ll post some pictures now

Killington stripper
Killington stripper Kat

I have been booking strippers in Killington since the 90s. I registered this domain in 2009. Soon other stripper agencies followed and got let’s attractive domains. I’m the leader in this industry in New England.
As you can see, the lineup of strippers I have is fantastic. And real. Please compare apples to apples when getting price quotes for your Killington party. Hold, I have to email Friday’s party schedule. I let my dancers and driver’s know the schedule a day in advance so there are no hiccups. I love how some of the other companies tel you, we have to see who shows up then we can decide who is dancing at your party. What? How can they not let the dancer know the schedule in advance so she can plan on the meeting spot with driver?.

OK, I’m back. It’s Thursday, Killington got more snow. The high today in Killington will 40. Should make for some great skiing and snowboarding.
To book the best strippers in Killington Vermont for your party call 802-342-4295 or if you’d rather send me an email, you can, and if you notice my email address, you realize how long I’ve been in this business. To get strippers@ from the cable company, you have to be there from the start.
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