Killington bachelor party review

Vanessa and Mona party review

Booked Vanessa & Mona for a bachelor party near Killington last evening. The customer booked Vanessa and Mona for 9 pm arrival. We arrived at 9 pm, with Vanessa and Mona. No other agency delivers like we do. Let’s see the review
Killington bachelor party review

Al drove the party, as you can see from the review, he was really nice. Lots of agencies send scary individuals to parties as security. The try to intimidate the customers. Not a great idea for a fun party. Like I mention on other posts, if you book with VIP Entertainment Inc., you will be the hero to your friends. The guys will never forget this party. Our parties are life experiences.

Tonight the girls will be back in Killington. They are available later in the evening, also Mila and Kat will be in Killington. We also have Audrey and Dee on standby.

To book the best Killington strippers call 802-342-4295

VIP Entertainment Inc., has been booking dancers since 1992. Never catfishing customers with fake photos.  Please think twice when the website has 12 pictures of 10s, only one image of each girl, good chance, that’s a nation wide agent who doesn’t have real girls. Uses fake pics to get calls, and co book parties around the country with local agencies.
Here’s a couple of strippers from a “Boston” agency, that is just a nationwide with fake pics

I’m willing to bet, these 2 are not available in Boston, will not show up at your party. I hope you are not fooled. One picture of each girl on that site. Want to see my dancer Mila?
Here’s a real stripper

Mila Killington strippers
Taylor and Mila Killington strippers
Mila and Taylor Killington strippers
Taylor and Mila, Killington strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc.

Compare, my sites vs the fake site. One picture of a girl who looks too good to be true and is. While I have a attractive stripper who has been dancing for my agency that past 2 years. With multiple pictures of her over time. Book with us, 802-342-4295