Weekend Killington Strippers

Last weekend of February stripper schedule for Killington

Good morning, it’s Friday the weekend is starting for us. Tonight we’re in Killington, so far, Vanessa and Mona will be in the area dancing in Bridgewater Corners, and then available for the rest of the Killington area around midnight.

Book any of our smokeshows by calling 802-342-4295 Killington strippers is run by VIP Entertainment Inc., I’ve been booking strippers since 1992.

Killington bachelor party review

That text was sent to Al last weekend, after a Killington bachelor party. The strippers were Mona and Vanessa.  Isn’t it great to see the actual girls you book, show up at your door?

Here’s another review from last weekend…

Mila and Taylor

That party was over in Hunter, New York, last weekend. Tony drove through the snow to Hunter, and back. He got back home 7 am. Mila and Taylor had to drive the final hour home, getting to their homes 8 am. Long night, but great night, and now we have another lifetime customer of VIP Entertainment Inc.

Mila and Taylor Killington strippers

Saturday in Killington, we pre-booked Vanessa and Mona and Mila and Kat.

Call 802-342-4295 to book any of these Killington strippers.

A sort of PSA to guys booking strippers for parties. Be aware if you are calling a company that claims to book strippers in all 50 states. This company is nothing more than  a middle man. Who will sell you a show with fake girls on their site. Then call local agents and ask if they can cover the show. The local Killington stripper agent will say ok, I need $$$$ to cover the show.  So now the customer is paying the “nation wide” agent, and the local agent on the night of the show.  Be smart, book with a local agency in the first place. We are local, we are on google maps, we are 2 hours from Killington. There are no local Vermont agencies, sorry. We are in Killington every weekend ski season. Book with us, get the girls you see on our sites, have a great party. Don’t pay 2 companies for the same show.

Have a great weekend. Hope JD Martinez passes his physical, or maybe it’s best he doesn’t?