Some new pics and updates

New pics and video, and update from Killington strippers

Killington ski season is rocking. We are booking parties there Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Just did one last night as Vanessa and Mona were returning from Burlington, Vermont, the lucky Killington customer called as they were coming back to NH. I haven’t spoken to the dancers nor driver yet, it’s only 8:30 am and I know they got home late.
Vanessa and Mona real Killington strippers
A lot of customers who call for quote, assume the girls on all stripper sites are fake. This is not true with my company. I only post real pictures. There have been times in the past, remember I’ve been booking strippers since 1992, Where only 1 or 2 girls allowed their face online. So my sites only showed their faces. I didn’t post “look a likes” or same color hair web models and claim it’s my dancer. Look at Vanessa and Mona, you see multiple pics over time of them. They are real.
This past Sunday was the first without football.
Speaking of football, Philadelphia Eagles fans who book with us, are not allowed to eat horse poop at their party. Lot’s Pennsylvanian’s visit Killington.
This weekend we also send Mila and Taylor up to Killington. They took a few pics and some video before driving to Killington.
Here’s the video. Keep in mind this site is Killington Strippers, the agency is VIP Strippers, VIP Entertainment Inc.

Taylor and Mila Killington strippers
Mila and Taylor Killington strippers
Taylor Killington stripper
No other agency is shooting video, new pics, weekly and updating their sites like I do.
Who knows if this blog post will ever get seen? I hope so. If you are heading to Killington and need strippers for your party call me 802-342-4295 I will answer, I’m Meni, the President of VIP Entertainment Inc., I started this agency in 1992. Got my first website up late in 1995. We now have over 30 web sites. We cover all of New England, except extreme northern Maine which is ridiculous. Safe to say, 4 hours travel from Manchester, New Hampshire, that enables us to get to Killington in 2 hours, there are no Vermont agencies, I’m the closest. We can get to Hunter, NY in 4 hours our limit, in face we went to Lake Placid, (well the Winter Olympics are on right?) for a party once, a good 4 hours and 30 minutes away.