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Party, pics and review

Killington party review and pics

Another successful party for VIP Entertainment Inc. Booking the hottest Killington strippers, we sent Vanessa, Nicole, and Kat. The party was pre-booked a month or so in advance. A big show, most noteworthy, there were 20 guys. The customer booked 3 strippers. Early in the week, reports of a snow storm hitting the north east appeared.

No worries here, my driver Mike, has a dualie. Sure, it took 50% more time to drive to the show. By the time the party was over, the snow was a bit deeper. Took them 100% more time to come back home. I made sure to set the pick up time early. For the 9 pm show, and understand, I didn’t ask for a delivery window. Unlike the other companies who need 2 hour window because they are always late, at VIP we strive to be right on time. Yet, my driver collected the booking fee around 9:15 pm. Perfect. Here is the Killington party review
Killington party review March 31, 2017

If you have trouble reading the screenshot, the Killington party review says, “(5 star icons, 2 thumbs up) best exotic dance performance seen by any of the guys, ever. It was phenomenal! Can’t say enough as to how beautiful those girls are, stunningly gorgeous. Thank them for such a great time.”

Now let’s see the girls

Nicole and Vanessa’s pics were taken the next evening at a party at a hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kat’s pic was sent me to Friday or maybe Saturday. Kat is a smokeshow, furthermore, she is new to stripping, built like a brick house. D/DD with size 1/2 body. WHOA!

Kat, Killington stripper

Yes, Kat is new, she’s learning all the games, and toy shows. The primary duo was Nicole and Vanessa, two legit smoke shows I’ll put up vs any other local agency. Compare them to any other real strippers in Killington area, please.

Nicole and Vanessa, Killington strippers

Killington strippers

As a result, you know to call 802-342-4295 for the hottest Killington strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc.