VIP Strippers Killington VT

Friday Night Snowstorm, No Problem

Mila, Vanessa, & Nicole Tonight in Killington

Pre-booked Mila, Vanessa, and Nicole for tonight in Killington. Yes we have a snow storm coming. I have my driver Mike taking the girls, Mike’s pick up truck is sick. 6 wheels sick. The girls have a 9 pm party, so they are available later in the evening, say 11 or midnight ish. I try to keep the girls on schedule, and they are on schedule. The party is pretty big so it may go 3 hours. The average party is 2 to 2.5 hours. I’ve been booking dancers since 1992. Back then, I booked hot strippers out of strip clubs, who danced 30 minutes to 1 hour parties. They still made bank. So if you are in Killington tonight, we can get you you sometime between 11:30 and 12:30 am. Call 802-342-4295
Here are the girls. the hottest trio in New England. Bar none, and they are friends. Can’t imagine the reaction in their small town when they enter a bar together.
Killington strippers
Book your party with the original Killington strippers agency. Save my number, not think you are calling me and end up talking to another agency. I know customers don’t seem to pay attention to whom they booked. I’ve gotten calls from someone else’s customers, asking, if they booked with me, and if so where are the girls. That’s hilarious. I ask them, “What is the name of the agency you booked with?”. Most of the time, they don’t know. I know booking strippers isn’t like booking a vacation. But it’s kind of like, showing up the airport and not knowing which airline you are flying. And going from counter to counter asking reps, if you are flying with them. Please save my number. 802-342-4295 I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. This isn’t a fly by night agency, set up by a former driver. Hope to serve you soon, Killington strippers.