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Killington strippers schedule this upcoming weekend

Good Tuesday morning to you all, this blog post is about this upcoming week in Killington. Friday pre-booked a big bachelor party in Killington. Got 3 strippers pre-booked, and might add the new girl who’s still training Kat.
How easy is it to post 1 pic of the 3 girls, all together, the actual strippers who work for my agency.
Killington strippers
Mila, Vanessa, and Nicole are booked for Killington on Friday. Flat out, the best trio of strippers you can book for Killington. 21, 20, 22 years of age. #smokeshows. The girls are pals in real life. They are friends, they hang out. When they work, it’s a great time for everyone. Customers love our dancers. They are fun. Check out this Killington party review.
Killington review

I might add Kat to the show, she is training. Similar to Ava, who is now Kenzie Reeves (adult video star), who stared dancing as soon as she could. Our parties have tons of games. New girls have to learn the games, buy the toys used, get on the same page are the veterans. It’s funny to call them veterans when they are 21, and 19. Mila and Ava (Kenzie) would be considered the veterans. So would Krystal but she worked in strip clubs for the past few months, and is behind on the games.
Kat, Killington stripper
Kat Killington stripper

Possibly the best body. Size 1/2 jeans, bra size D/DD. So glad that Ava (Kenzie Reeves) referred her to my agency. She’s a knockout. Reminds us of Riley, who moved away a few months ago.
Killington strippers Riley
Boobs, and tight body.

Saturday, Nicole, and Taylor, are heading to Killington. If you would like to book the best Killington strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc call 802-342-4295