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Saturday night, Mila and Nicole danced at parties in Killington, Vermont, if you need strippers for a party in Killington call 802-342-4295
The girls started their day early, first dancing at a bar in Vermont, then driving 90 minutes to Killington and doing 2 parties back to back. Here are pics from the car that day.
Nicole and Mila, Killington strippers

Killington exotic dancers
Two beautiful young exotic dancers who do parties for my agency. You can’t book them anywhere else.
Killington bachelor party review
A short but sweet review.

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I make it easy to contact me, I post our Killington phone number 802-342-4295. You can call me, if I’m awake, I will answer it. I do go to bed early on weekdays, early for this business is 11 pm. On the weekends I stay up as long as my crews are working, and calls keep coming. You can get a quote for your party by filling out a form on formsite. Here is the form link for a quote.
You can also reach us on social media. We have our Facebook page, Google Page, Twitter, and Instagram, I had my Tumblr page removed, the claimed spam, spam? I posted my dancers. Fuck Tumblr.
Facebook page is located here I update that page atleast 3 times a week. You can message me there too.
on Twitter and Instagram my handle is vipstrippers. So if you are on Twitter find me at as you can see I love the Patriots. Bill Belichick header image and the pic for my profile is him a a child.
If you want to find us on Instagram I’m located here.
It’s funny to me, the girls are more concerned about me posting pics on Instagram, than my sites and blogs. Typical text message from a stripper, first comes the pic, then comes, I like that pic a lot can you post it on Instagram? This blog post will get that dancer more parties than an Instagram post. She wants the likes. When I was her age, the only likes I cared about was the people I was talking to in a bar. Have you checked out our dancer pics page?

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