VIP Strippers Killington VT

Killington’s K1 Gondola

Getting ready for the ski season at Killington

To give us a better understanding of what we can expect, we caught up with Lift Maintenance Supervisor, Tim Brosnan, to discuss the literal nuts and bolts of this project.
What work do you do for Killington Resort?

“I have been working for Killington for 13 years. I started as a Lift Operations Team Leader and transitioned into lift maintenance about 7 years ago. I started working in the ski industry at Mountain Creek in New Jersey as a lift operator. I loved working with ski lifts so I decided to continue my career up here in Vermont and I have been here ever since. The best part about this job is the challenges we face every day, whether its winter or summer there is always something new and unique to work on.”

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