The Town of Killington

A brief history of the town

Killington is a small town in central Vermont, located in Rutland County. The town was originally settled in the 18th century and was incorporated in 1816. The name “Killington” is said to be derived from a combination of “kil” meaning “little cell” and “ington” meaning “settlement” in Old English.

In the early days, Killington was primarily an agricultural community with a few small mills and shops. The town remained largely rural until the early 20th century when the advent of the automobile and the construction of Route 4 through the town made it more accessible.

During the 1950s and 60s, Killington underwent a significant transformation with the development of the Killington Ski Resort. The resort, which opened in 1958, quickly became a popular destination for skiers from around the world. With its extensive network of ski trails and lifts, the resort helped put Killington on the map as a premier ski destination.

Today, Killington is still known for its skiing and other outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, biking, and golf. The town’s population has grown significantly since the 1960s, with many people moving to the area to take advantage of the natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Despite this growth, the town has managed to maintain much of its rural charm and small-town feel.

We love Killington

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